One Life. One Body. One Practice. 

Oneness Physical Therapy and Pilates is a privately owned and operated outpatient clinic dedicated to providing integrative physical therapy to clients.  

My goal is to invite you to feel and be present within your body, and create the experience to allow you to create change from the inside out. 

We will begin with a comprehensive history of your current situation including your stress levels, joy levels and how well you are sleeping. We will do a complete assessment of your body, and find very specific ways to get you back to the life you choose. 

One life. One body. One Practice. 


Meet Amisha

I'm so glad you found me online-it means you are searching for a different way of healthcare. ​  

Oneness Physical Therapy was designed for you if:  

* you've seen multiple other physical therapists and not gotten the results you want  

* you are tired of seeing an actual physical therapist for only 15 minutes of your hour long visit

* you've felt like a number in the past and not a person  

* you're wondering why your mind and body haven't been connected with therapy  

*you've had an injury in one area and are quite sure its another area causing the pain  

* you had a baby and your body hasn't felt quite right since then  

Since the moment I entered the physical therapy field over 19 years ago, I knew there had to be a way to connect the mind and body to heal faster and more efficiently. After all, you can do theraband exercises all day and not feel better if you don't think they are going to make a difference.  

Utilizing the mindfulness of yoga and the concentration of pilates along with manual therapy has been the key for my clients. We talk about lifestyle, sleep, stress and all areas of your body, not just the area that is bothering you. Its a holistic assessment from multiple vantage points.  

Oneness Physical Therapy private sessions are one hour in length with me, the entire time. We talk about and work on your concerns each and every time.  

Clients get the results they want :


More Effectively  

With Ease  

Once you are a client, I'm a 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals and become part of your team.  

My background: I have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Slippery Rock University. I am a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists and Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. My yoga certification is through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute, Pilates training is through both Physical Mind and through Polestar and Barre Certification is through International Ballet Barre Fitness Association. I grew up in the Ayurvedic tradition and have had consistent education in this tradition and often incorporate it into our sessions. 

I regularly practice, meditation, yoga and pilates and firmly believe in transforming your body through meditation, movement and mindset.  

We are always moving, we get to choose our direction through our practices. 

​ Ready to get results?  

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