One Life. One Body. One Practice. 

Have you seen multiple practitioners and improved but not quite where you want to be yet?

Do you have several areas of pain and have seen many medical providers without getting to the source of YOUR symptoms?

Do you feel stressed on a regular basis?

Integrative Physical Therapy will guide you to reconnecting with your inner compass. Our body stores emotions that can present as physical pain. Approaching pain in a multi-faceted way will change the course of your recovery and get you past your pain for good.

Physical therapy with a health coaching mindset--specific steps to get you back to living your life.

You will have a comprehensive and effective system to get you back to the life you want to be living.

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Integrative physical therapy assesses your entire lifestyle along with your physical body. You'll be asked questions about your stress level, your joy level, your sleep habits and how it all integrates with your injury.  We will look at all the ways this happend and why it's still planning and move you past your pleateau.

It's all connected and once we begin the mind-body connection to healing, recovery truly begins.

Not quite ready to schedule yet? Schedule a 15 minute consultation to determine if integrative physical therapy is a good fit for you.  


Meet Amisha.

The founder of Oneness Physical Therapy and Pilates, Amisha is dedicated to the wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. She is a published author, former Assistant Professor in a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and is a Fellowship Trained Therapist in Manual Therapy and Board Certified in Orthopedics. She is also a certified Women's Wellness Health Coach. Her movement training includes Pilates, Yoga and Barre. She is trained in visceral mobilization, nervous system regulation and mindset for optimal healing.

Oneness PT was was opened in 2013 to be a comprehensive and comfortable environment for people of all ages to find a safe space to heal and move forward to live the lives that they have envisioned for themselves. 

Schedule a 15 minute consultation to determine if Amisha's blended integrative approach to physical therapy is right for you.


Integrative Physical Therapy Works!

“Amisha is one of the best Physical Therapists I have had the pleasure of working with. As a sports medicine physician, I would highly recommend her for anyone needing rehab from injury or surgery." -Jenny Sanders, DPM

Amisha is an outstanding physical therapist and has helped many of my patients achieve beyond satisfactory pain relief. She works well with others and has an excellent grasp of spine and sports specific therapy. Her methods are extremely effective in not only alleviating pain but making our patients more functional.-Dr. Harvinder Deogun, MD

Amisha is a detailed oriented therapist with a very keen eye. Her approach to the body as a physical therapist is very effective. As a pilates instructor, I am very particular about the physical therapists that I trust but Amisha is very high on my list. I strongly recommend her.-Ruthanne Rodriguez, Pilates Instructor

I was under Amisha's care for a lower back problem. Under Amisha's excellent care and tutelage, my back became stronger and eventually, pain free. Few physical therapists have hands that can sense every nuance of your body's muscles, tendons, bone structure, etc. Amisha was sensitive to my body's needs and knew just how to apply her skills so I became healthier. I always felt better after her treatments. What a shame to see her move away from my area or I would be still her client so she could help me maintain my body's health.-Beate (happy client)

Ready to create change? 

Change is created by small practices that create your day. This includes exercise, however, it also includes your self talk, sleep habits, screen habits and how you are taking care of yourself throughout the day. Integrative physical therapy holds the missing link to get you back to the vision of life that you hold for yourself.

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